SAST May Travel Tidbits

It’s been a while since I’ve had a travel update or a new city to profile.  I have been traveling, but it’s been mostly weekend travel and short hops/weekend trips.  Here’s the latest and greatest with a few suggestions!
An airport view of sunset in Denver

Denver, CO

I’ve visited Denver often, mostly for work.  I was staffed on a consulting project and commuted to Denver weekly, M-Th for 8 months.  I like Denver.  Wide open spaces, good food options, beautiful mountain backdrops, lack of oxygen.  Lots to offer.   If you have more than an overnight, have a visit to Red Rocks Amphitheater, make your way to Boulder, or even check out the buffalo in the Rocky Mountain Arsenal if your stay is short.
This last trip was short-essentially a day.  I stayed southeast of the city in Centennial at a pretty nondescript Hilton.  Comfortable enough and attached to a golf course and convention center.  One thing I did do was Grub Hub for dinner.  It was a nice a-ha to remember I can be on the road and still eat healthy.
A really exciting view of the mountains from the Seattle airport

Seattle, WA

Next stop on the super-quick work trip tour was Seattle.  Redmond, actually.  The hotel was nothing to write home about, but close to where my client is.  My colleague and I did manage to head to downtown Bellevue for a dinner of Din Tai Fung, introducing him to the chain of delicious dumplings and noodles.
Palm Springs Sunset

Palm Springs, CA

After Seattle, I flew down to Palm Springs with a group of friends I hadn’t seen in a while.  It was a great trip–we had a house to stay in from one of the ladies’ family members and it had everything we needed, including a great pool.  We enjoyed a few great local spots:
Near Rancho Mirage, Blue Agave had solid Mexican food, table side guac, and a crowded atmosphere.
In downtown Palm Springs, Workshop is a hip spot.  Naked Edison bulbs, communal tables and booths, and a cute patio, the joint was full of hipsters, and gaggles of 20-something girls. The menu had some good selections, notably a creative spring vegetable plate that my group teased me ferociously over because it was a whopping $45.  I will say it was an amazing assembly of fresh tastes and it was worth it for such vibrant produced cooked to perfection.
Deliciousness in Sonoma

Napa, CA

And finally, a work trip to Napa, staying at the Marriott and spa.  The hotel rooms have been renovated. Close to wineries, and Napa is gorgeous.  Although it was cloudy and I spent the majority of the day in a windowless conference room, my team  did manage to head for dinner at the Fremont Diner, a few miles down the road in Sonoma, which was a highlight.  Southern homestyle options, fresh pickles, homemade pimento cheese, and great selection of sandwiches and milkshakes.

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