Dubai: Do It

Part of a “world tour” for work, I decided to take some extra time and do some “work from Dubai” time for a week.  It was also a chance to visit an old friend from business school and enjoy beach time.

Dubai is really a “melting pot” of people and culture.  It’s changed so much since my first visit, about 10 years ago when I was living in Bahrain.  The constant growth and building is astonishing.  I didn’t venture too far on this trip, but did manage to enjoy 2 days at Aquaventure water park (seriously the best water park in the world!) and a trip out to the desert, like a proper tourist.

Eat it

Let me just say one thing about eating in Dubai, you can get whatever you want, whenever you want it.  I was trying not to treat it like a feeding frenzy (but you can).

Eggspectation:  I went for Friday brunch and it was amazing.  I went to the one on JBR, which has a nice sea view.

Yuan:  The Chinese restaurant in the Atlantis on the Palm didn’t disappoint for the work dinner event.

See it

Aquaventure at Atlantis on the Palm:  I went twice.   Personally, I believe it is the best water park on the planet, and a perfect place to spend the day.

The Desert:  A colleague joined me for work and had never been to the desert, so we took a wadi bashing tour.  We ended up on atv bikes “fanging” around the dunes and getting sand in all the places.

Burj Khalifa:  I didn’t go on this trip (but did go last year) and it’s worth it for the views.  It’s really tall.

Shop it

Much like Singapore, shopping is one of the main sports in Dubai.

Dubai Mall:  THE mall.

Emirates Mall:  Skiing.  Inside.  If I wasn’t still recovering from knee surgery, I’d have a go.

The Beach at JBR:  I like what they’ve done with this place–a cool walkway of restaurants and shops.

Sleep it

Le Meridian Mina Seyahi:  home base for the “fun” part of the trip, the beach access is excellent.  The location is good (but I ended up taking trams or uber), rooms are spacious (if a little dark), and the price was reasonable for a waterfront hotel with an actual beach.  Not many of the hotels have proper beachfronts, but the Le Meridian shares the beach with the Westin.


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Eggspectation: 25.078330, 55.132917
Yuan: 25.132468, 55.118215
Burj Khalifa: 25.196865, 55.274349
Aquaventure: 25.134577, 55.121326
Dubai Mall: 25.196878, 55.279451
Emirates Mall: 25.191879, 55.284475
The Beach at JBR: 25.075874, 55.129318
Le Meridian Mina Seyahi: 25.091905, 55.147086
Wadi Bashing: 25.143138, 55.647085

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