Copenhagen: Do It

Copenhagen was another “see a friend” stop on the RTW trip, so spent most of our visit catching up with “Danish Dan.”   And, as you can see from the photo, it was ridiculously cold.

The city was conveniently close to our last stop in Hamburg.  What’s interesting about getting to Copenhagen via train from Hamburg is that they PUT THE TRAIN ON A BOAT to cross a body of water called the Femer Baelt.  When they were announcing it on the train, I did a double take.  It was a pretty impressive feat of engineering.

My first impressions of Copenhagen were awesome.  Everyone is on bikes (even in winter) and the town is compact, walkable, and has great architecture.

Eat it

We spent a lot of time looking for warm drinks because it was freezing (y’know, hygge and all).  I feel like we probably didn’t do Copenhagen justice in terms of seeking out food (no Noma for us).

See it

The Little Mermaid statue:  we braved some unpleasant winds to go see the statue  near the Kastellet.  I’m sure it’s lovely on a warmer day.

Honestly, I need to go back.  Tivoli wasn’t open.

Shop it

We did stop at some cute bookstores (mostly because they had hot beverages inside).  I will say the airport had amazing shopping, and was probably one of the best airports I’ve flown through.

Sleep it

The Square:  close to the train station, well-appointed, modern and easy on the budget.

Skip it

I didn’t see enough to skip.


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The Little Mermaid Statue: 55.692860, 12.599283
The Square Hotel: 55.676242, 12.566964

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