Bucket List: The Galapagos Islands


My bucket list for travel is long.  There’s 31 things on it right now, and those are just the “hey I’d like to go here” spots, not the BIG trips (Antarctica, I’m looking at you!).  I am SO exited that later this month one of the bigger bucket list travel locations is getting ticked off the list:  The Galapagos Islands.

I’ve spent a bit of time in South America (Peru, Chile, Brazil, and Argentina) and I’m excited to add Ecuador and Bolivia to the list on this upcoming trip, but I’m really stoked about going to the Galapagos.  I have had numerous friends tell me how fantastic the islands are, the amazing animal life to see, and the superb snorkeling.  We decided on the Galapagos after an afternoon chat with our traveling friend, Michelle, when we learned none of us had been–it seemed like the universe telling us that it would be the perfect destination.

The plan:

One of the reasons I think I’ve waited so long to go to the Galapagos is that I was nervous that you could ONLY visit by live aboard ship (I tend to get seasick) and I wasn’t so sure about “cruising” until our recent AMAZING trip to the British Virgin Islands.  That settled it–I am ALL IN on boats.  However, we ended up booking a “land trip” to the Galapagos after hearing about it from two sources and saying how amazing it was.

It’s a 4 day tour with a tour company (since it seems like it’s better to have a guide and a good itinerary to make the most of our time in the islands).

The Galapagos Islands:

Day 1:  

Giant tortoises, lava tunnels, Los Gemelos

Day 2:  

Kayaking and snorkeling, Charles Darwin Research Station

Day 3:

Tour to one of the nearby islands

Day 4:

Beach and Sugar Cane Mill & Farm (meh, not so sure about that)

I hope I get to meet this guy while in the Galapagos!


After our 4 day trip to the Galapagos, we make our way to La Paz, Bolivia (via Quito, Ecuador, where we’ll have a day to sightsee).  We also organized two tours in one for Bolivia, since we only had 5 days and a LOT to see.

Day 1:

Recuperate from travel (we arrive at 1:20am!) and self-guided day tour around La Paz, including riding the cross-town funicular that I’ve read about so many times!!

Days 2-3:

Fly to Uyuni for a 2-day tour of the Salt Flats, with a sunrise or stargazing trip to the flats, staying in a Salt Hotel.

Days 4-5:

Fly back to La Paz and head up to Lake Titicaca for exploring.

Day 6:

Back to La Paz and fly out.


Going to get up close and personal with the Uyuni Salt Flats


I have no doubt it’ll be an amazing trip!  It’ll be exciting to head back to South America and enjoy some new locations.



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