British Virgin Islands: Do It

This trip was a “surprise birthday trip” which was amazing.   I had no idea where we were heading until we got to the airport (and even then, there was some secrecy–I had to tell the TSA agent checking my boarding pass that I wasn’t allowed to see where I was going!  We flew via Newark to St. Thomas, then chartered a flight (so baller!) to Tortola, BVI to start a 7-day sail on a catamaran.

The trip was  booked through a tour company (Intrepid Travel, our 2nd trip with them).  Highly recommend getting a boat and wandering around the islands.  We’d moor at a different island each night and sail around, swim, and snorkel during the day.  We had never even slept on a boat, so I was a bit nervous about getting seasick, but luckily we were prepared with Bonine motion sickness pills (I took 1/day and got my sea legs pretty quickly).    We had a few days of rainy weather (like, REALLY rainy) and so we were pretty wet the first few days, but then the sun came out and it was glorious.

Eat it

Saba Rock:  very “yacht club” vibe, but cool tarpons that come out at night for feeding.

Potters by the Sea: on Anegada, and I ate my weight in lobster.

Foxy’s Taboo:  the key lime pie is the best.

Quito’s:  one of my favorite meals.

Cooper Island:  the only spot on the island, and fantastic food.

See it

The Baths:  on Virgin Gorda, a unique rock formation to wander through and hike around.  They can be slippery and you have to swim a bit in rough water to get there.

Norman Island Caves:  Good snorkeling spot.

Shop it

Not really a “shopping” destination.  Get outside and enjoy the water!

Sleep it

A boat!  We were part of a chartered catamaran trip and it was amazing.

Skip it

We didn’t love Soggy Dollar Bar.  The beach was beautiful, but it definitely had a frat guy vibe.  But hey, you do you.

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The Caves: 18.316152, -64.623942
Saba Rock: 18.503031, -64.357795
Potters by the Sea: 18.723405, -64.381771
Foxy\'s Taboo: 18.444449, -64.748729
Quito\'s: 18.427868, -64.657159
Cooper Island: 18.386131, -64.512792
The Baths: 18.430357, -64.444550

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