Short Attention Span Travel was created for those of us who want to balance out our “real lives” of spouses, jobs, houses, and pets with having some fantastically fun trips on a frequent basis.

Sure, we’d all like to quit our jobs and live on a shoestring budget and spend a month or two in Southeast Asia, but for some of us, that’s not going to happen (not yet for me, anyway).  You might have a mortgage, a spouse, a pet, or other responsibilities.  You might also have a job we kinda like (that’s not full-time blogging, although maybe someday!) where we travel every now and then and it pays the bills.

So, how do I make the most out of the travel time I DO have?

I’ve been balancing out having a spouse (who travels), a full time job, going back to school for a Master’s degree (twice), a condo with a mortgage, and a cat with some exciting, if short, travel since 2000, and I’ve got lessons learned to share.  Lessons like how to plan a good weekend trip, how to ask your boss to work from somewhere else, or what to pack (and not pack) for different climates.

I cut to the chase in posts called “Do It”.  It’s the short attention summary of a place.  Just some basics for a day or 3 of fun including what to see and what to skip.  Longer “Trip Reports” share long form stores and fun from a recent trip, or as much as I can remember from a whirlwind trip.  “Travel tips” give hints on how to pack more travel in to your balanced life, what to pack, or other random ideas.  We’ll have guest posts who also enjoy the SAST life from time to time.

Its about balancing out life and travel, so I hope SAST inspires you to squeeze a little more fun out of life!


About Amy

Currently based in San Jose, California, I’ve visited over 60 countries on 6 continents.  Despite wanting to be a full-time adventurer, I have a day job as a  leadership development consultant, which allows me to try to blend a little fun into my work  (but not vice-versa, if I can help it).

I grew up in the Chicago area, and my wanderlust was inspired by our family car trips as a kid, having visited every state east of the Mississippi by the time I was about 10.  My first overseas trip was to London in 2000, and my passion for exploring new places hasn’t stopped.

In 2003, we moved to the  Middle East (Bahrain), and used that 2+ year experience as a  jumping off point for many quick weekend trips while attending business school.   As I said, I’ve done a lot of travel while working full time and going to school (both in person and remote) and I’ve been able to fit in a lot of fun–in short periods of time.  My current job has me on the road a lot, but I take advantage of spending a few extra days here and there when possible.  I have 4 “official” weeks of vacation each year, and sometimes take the opportunity to “work from somewhere else” when I can.

The more I travel, it seems the more I want to travel.  I have a pretty long list of places I’d like to see (Antarctica, Russia, Morocco) and places I’d like to return to again (France, Nepal, New Zealand).  I love reading about travel, looking at and taking travel pictures, making lists of places to go, and giving advice  to others to create great travel experiences.

I travel carry-on only (when I can!), I like to doodle, hike, and paraglide for fun.  And I really like pandas.


About Bob

I travel a lot, and often it’s for fun.  Living alongside Amy for a long time now, we’ve shared in most of the adventures listed on this website, including the two year stint in the Persian Gulf.


I often take selphies with my mouth open.


I like to photobomb others, too.






Guest Posts

Want to write for Short Attention Span Travel?  Send a brief pitch to [email protected] with the subject “guest post.”  Content must be original, written by you, and edited.  Please include a brief bio and high quality picture (300×300).

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